I sufficate
I'm breathing in too much pain
Please, drown me in my music
So I will breathe no more
Help me
Find the words to save me
Slowly, words come
But they are not the
ones piercing my heart
I don't have answers
Only questions
And reasons to run
To stay--to suffer
Stare into reality's eyes
You told me
there'd always be someone
if the edge comes into view
As I slip further down
My silent tears fade
I reach out

This dark, starless night
The sun rises, but it does
naught to wash away the night
Terror. I am shattered
The shadow of a life
Perhaps, I push you away
But inside, drawn closer
Desperate pleas
You, my friend, who tells me
I'm still attached to this world
If only by a little
Now I am alone
A week or eternity?
Lord, give me the strength
to make it through
One day at a time
Don't let go

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