Before I lay my head down to rest Aug 21 2008

Before I lay my head down to rest             Aug. 21.2006

Every night before I lay my head down to rest

I swear to you I'll give you my best,

I run my fingers through your hair as you sleep,

Wondering if at all I'm in your dreams,

Your sweet scent makes me reminese the soft touch of your kiss,

And the way your essence tastes,

Unexpectedly rushed in like the ocean tide,

YOu become the heart beat to my life, the Godss in my empty eyes,

Every night before I lay my head down to rest,

Haunting echo's of voices in my head, screaming "give it up and forget,

your actions you have to regret,"

I broke your heat caused you tears,

But somehow you're still standing here,

Holding you in my arms, I go to kiss your lips but you vanish,

My love in your heart is now banished,

Scared and Afraid I ran away, but home is where the heart is,

So I'm coming home to stay,

Every night before I lay my head down to rest,

My love for youI finally confess,

I kiss your firehead, remove he hair from your face,

and wrap my arms tight around your waist,

My heart begins to break,

Wondering if you'll be here when I awake,

I cry while you sleep, so you can't see my hearts pain,

And my hopes running weak,

I can finally go to sleep,

Cause I know you're mine in my dreams,

Every night before I lay your head down to rest,

Trust your heart to these hands of mine,

I'll love you forever, until the end of time.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

poem to stacie written a few years ago

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