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I never before questioned the way things are displayed in the modeling/music/acting industry REALLY until just now. In 2020 when everything seems to be exposed. I half believe this exposure is due to the big controllers around the world trying to distract us from something, but the other half of me believes that God is great and that people are waking up to what’s happening because of God’s will. They invented social media to destroy the self confidence of people, manipulate the masses, and feed us garbage to help deteriorate our lives into a robotic existence. Yet I feel that that same weapon they tried to create to use against us is being used for the complete opposite purpose. As Allah has done so many times in the past, the very thing that was thought to give evil the power over the masses, is also what brings their destruction. I’m noticing now, when the Wayfair scandal was exposed, it was labeled a conspiracy theory that was started by a Russian twitter account. Russia seems to be the scapegoat for everything wrong that happens around here.




Anyways, today I opened up my Zara app to do some online shopping, and for the first time, the poses, the stares, the models are incredibly disturbing to me. I feel like I’ve had some sort of epiphany; the type where the answer was in your face and all of a sudden now you’re actually seeing it with an understanding of what you’re actually looking at. One of the models was modeling a floral shirt. But it is completely unbuttoned and she is laying down, sprawled, as if drugged. Or like she’s just finished having … and has no energy. All of the models’ poses are slumped around with empty expressions on their faces. Why is that? Why are they all so skinny? No womanly curves. Small boobs. Why has that become the new normal ‘sexy’? It’s actually not sexy at all. Why aren’t they smiling? Their looks remind me of Britney Spears or Amanda Bynes. They’re looking but they’re not all there. Is this all a scheme to make the world obsessed with children? Is this a way of sexualizing these innocent kids? Is this the devils way of ruining the world? All these stories that have been coming out about Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Seth Green…these disturbing disturbing stories of them trafficking children, essentially, Is the modeling industry and acting and singing industry slowly evolving right under our noses to program us to find these things attractive so that we can start to desire these sick lewd things also? I never realized that the looks they make in modeling, at least in the days I used to watch ANTM, went from seductive to completely blank. Women that find it empowering to be without clothes or to flaunt their sexuality: I’m just seeing it now as a brainwashing so we are more readily accepting of these disgusting predators taking their looks. That is disgusting. I feel so exposed. Another woman showing off what I also have is like a betrayal. It makes you feel naked, this world. Back then, we were just supposed to accept that a guy checking you out or trying multiple times to make moves you weren’t comfortable with, is a ‘guy’ thing. You brush it off like it’s in their inherent nature to be disgustingly forward. It’s not. We’ve allowed them to be this way. We’re giving them free access into the secrets of our bodies. Why? How did this happen right under our nose and we didn’t even notice? Is it because we never felt good enough? Always chasing some look, some attitude, some expression on our face that is just too hard to maintain all the time. If you have a bit too much emotion about a certain subject, it makes you feel too different. Too much energy into something that the mainstream isn’t really promoting, then you’re the weirdo. ‘Yeah, she’s into that stuff’ like it’s a category for the bunch that enjoy things that feel pretty much NATURAL. Isn’t it natural to just want to walk out and feel fresh air on your face and sand under your feet? Isn’t it natural to want to hear the wind, the birds, the waves and the sun warming your skin? Isn’t it natural to want to eat fruit that is so juicy on a hot hot day? Isn’t it natural to not want your feet to hurt when you walk? Isn’t it natural to want to dress in clothes that are not restrictive? Why do I have to feel like something is sticking to my body and pulling me in at every corner? I want to wear something so flowy and free I feel light. I don’t want to have to even out my skin tone or straighten my hair. I just want to be how I am and not feel so judgmental about myself when I look into the mirror. I want to be happy just staring in the mirror. I don’t even want to stare at a mirror actually. I want to be clean and free and energetic. I want nature to surround me all the time. I want to just take my kids and walk around a forest, or a river, look at bugs, smell some flowers. I want to teach them about life by living it. I want to teach them what they need to know by showing them. I want that life so bad and yet I feel that everything within me has been programmed otherwise. If I try to step out of what I know to be ‘normal’ I feel anxious. I feel stressed. I second guess everything. I doubt myself. How can I fix this?

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Be You

Works for me. Fashion was never my thing, lipstick occasionally and with masks now, no need. Allah, Jesus, Buddah, Yaweh - more advertising for women to be behind men following. Mothers teach sons and daughters behavior so do fathers. Movies, fashion ads, tv - cater to the eyes and senses. Oldest profession - women must choose not to be a photo op.


An engaging write.