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Life is a battlefield. It's sole purpose is not love, not happiness, nor to survive, for the day shall come when we all will face our inevitable death. The struggle to survive will become petty; love will become an unrequited sort; happiness will disintegrate into the falsity this illusion has masked from us.

life is a means to a greater end. we exist in this life to fight for truth, fight to defend the honor of the truth, and fight to show the masses who will come after us that we are willing to die, that we are unafraid of death because something far greater lies beyond. and as we lay there slain, we know that in our death there is a message. Look at the way evil sheds blood mercilessly. look at my child who has been tortured because she was born to ancestry who settled in an unfavored part of earth. She does not even have an opinion yet.

"The Lord is with the Patient ones"... and the patient shall prevail.


Let me tell you about myself before I begin. My name is Sanctus Rethgif. I am 23 and I am from a country called Shahm. In Shahm, the people love to live, but they are all angry. They are angry because of the economy, angry because they feel they deserve more. They feel they deserve a better quality of life, less struggles, proportionate income to the very hard work they put i. They are angry because they are chasing illusions which will never be...

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Not Evil Prevailing

Permissiveness prevails. We are taught to be quiet when we have writing to use as a tool, a voice for setting the entire world on a better path. No one should be cursed by geography - like Haiti.  I refuse to be silent.


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