Our king


the deepest "I love you" cannot be said in words

and the greatest sacrifice is not seen in this world

and every sin we commit drives another nail into his skin

and then he has to feel the pain all over again

I can't help but wonder how many scars I have caused

I wonder how can he still love us after all we have cost

I can't imagine a world without his grace

but I fear that soon this world will be such a place


a world where no one knows him at all

where not a single person would answer his call

a world where no one would get down on his knees

to worship and praise him for he is our king

a world where no one would love him

and if you strip him away all that's left is sin

the deepest scars prove the deepest of unconditional love

that he loves us even though for a king we will never be enough

could we if we tried think before we sinned against him

think about what he went through so that we might live

or is human nature just putting up a solid stone wall

could we break it down if we tried and give him or all

I would much rather be broken down on my knees

then standing on my feet thinking I don't need


can you imagine a king

who would give his everything

to save his people forever

so he suffers and surreneders

though he did nothing to deserve it

nothing at all to deserve it at all


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