The Dream

with a soft brush across her face he places her hair behind her ear,

he looks at her, she looks at him and she loses all her fear.

she tilts her head down and her face turns red, and nothing but a smile he hath shown.

this was a feeling new to her, a feeling she had never known.

she couldn't get it, she wouldn't forget it this feeling and what it tells.

was this happiness, was this true love, or was this something else.

with a slow motion he come close to her to place a soft kiss on her cheek.

her eyes went teary for unknown reasons and her knees completely weak

she knew it now, she knew for sure. she knew this love was true

then a light flashed before her eyes, brighter than she knew.

"i love you truly with all my heart and till we meet my friend"

and he was gone as he was before her dream came to an end.

she sat up in her bed and placed her hands upon her face

sobbing she says "i love you too. We'll meet again, same time, same place."

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