pills (who needs them)

Depression what is it , that lurks in your mind hard to forget it
feeling so down , under the weather give me some pills to make it better
feeling asif the world is coming down on only you , maybe it is the fucked up mistakes you do
keeps you locked up inside , trying to find places for you to run and hide
dont want to live , their is nothing left for me to give
no hope , no love , not a caring moment , stuck inside your mind tourment
to keep going on is only a lie , to put on a smiling face is hard to even try
so dope me up with happy pills, maybe soon I will get a thrill
keep on taking them , happiness they claim to bring
I am still waiting and now I am debating on the next step to take

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Apparently me and a million others

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Wow this is art

Wow this is art

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here, here!

here, here!


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The pill companies need

The pill companies need everybody to need them to make billions upon biliions of $ off of people knowing full well that the minute your body is use to them, you will feel worse when they start to wear off than you would have if you'd have never taken them in the first place. Pain pills you feel worse physically & mental pills you end up feeling worse mentally - unless you take higher and higher doses of pills. In the end they drag you into a cycle of spending decades of you life giving half your life savings to them, while your whole life slowly deteriorates more and more as your body and mind deteriorate more and more from taking toxic substances that the way your body naturally functions to where you have more and more problems until you die years or decades earlier than you would have otherwise. Then they charge your decendants upwards of $10,000 just because you died - right after the doctors doped you up, killed you off months or years before you would have naturally and charged your family or insurance over $100,000 for killing you off more quickly (if you don't die suddenly & end up in the hospital). In the decades preceding that, Drs., hospitals, drug companies, etc. will take hundreds & thousands of $ from you continually from this point until that point. That is the story of pills.

The REAL drug dealers are the doctors, the real gangsters are the drug companies, and the shit they're pushing on you will fuck you up worse than anything illegal you can find. You take these pills everybody's on & by the 3rd day, you feel worse before you take another pill than if you'd have never taken any of them. These pill companies drain millions of people out of there whole lives & make their whole lives worse than if they never took 'em. Weed you could grow in your yard, that you wouldn't die from if you smoked 50 pounds, is illegal, but there's commercials on TV for shit killing millions of people that they're pushing on kids - they gotta get that cash for a whole 'nother persons life. I let them bitches get my money and fuck my whole body and life up for too long, but in the end it took me laying there dying to make the changes in the direction may life was going that was just as important as quitting taking all the shit that was fucking me up.

From now on I'll take a 3 day day trip to the mountains before I give them crooked ass bitches just as much money to fuck me all up and destroy me & my family's lives. I can still take several at a time for up to 2 days to make it to get things done. Then it'll be months. After 2 days, you gonna feel worse than otherwise & proceeding from that point is killing yourself. It's that courteous, smiling mother fucker, with his all-American style and appearance - that's the one that'll be smiling like Howdy Doody as they're shoving a big Rambo knife into stomach and turning the blade slowly relishing every millisecond of it. When you're surrounded by everybody believing that's really what they need though, everything you hear is that you need it too. The only person getting better though, is that rich devious mother fucker's pocket getting fatter...

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I hope you can just push through!

Bad things happen. Stress happens. We are allowed to fall apart, and pick the pieces up and move on I hope you can turn it all around and bravely make it better and the pain go. HugSS

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's life SIMS, but not as we know it" - ¡$&am

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a powerful message burried in

a powerful message burried in there, it's sad that people have fallen so far out of touch with themselves they must drug themselves just to feel alive, to feel like they don't want to die. Loved the poem! :)

"I am my own sort of strange, a supernova of madness and brillance. Forced to share the same space and time. Sane enough to not be seen, yet not crazy enough to be heard." -- Matthew Wayne