Weight of the World

To the hero to be this is my advice.

Get ready because the world's alive.

When the world's alive surely you might die,

but you stand anyway as a truth amongst the lies.


But here we come now as the time goes by

ebbing and flowing like an ocean by night

We're here to bring you storms you thought you'd never find.

We're here to challenge how you live or die!


Cause the weight of the world is on my shoulders again!

How can I handle this? I am only just a man.


Beating me down everyday like a hammer to the ground

Always strong until nobody is around.

When I give up is when I pray so very loud

hoping that you'll hear me over every other sound

over every other sound...


Cause the weight of the world's on my shoulders again!

How can I handle this? I am only just a man.


I'm beating the ground

feeling the sound

of everything crashing around me.

But I'm not giving in

because even in my sin

you breathe life into me again!

Now I'm not afraid

of facing the day

when I find the way

to hear the words you say.

Never a crown for my head

because I'm being lead

to you who paid for my death!

What's he gonna do

when it is through you

that I wake up and prove

that the one thing I can do



Cause the weight of the world's on my shoulders again!

I know how to handle this, and I am only just a man!

Nobody's gonna stop me! No amount of pain!

The impossible will have to see what I can do again!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

yeah...I wrote this.

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a.griffiths57's picture

    It is good see your



It is good see your christian beliefs interwoven into the poetry. Your belief in God even though you are weighed down by responsibilities and how you refind yourself and you believe through it all, wonderful.