Energy Weapons

Conspiracy to murder

they are trying to kill us



microwaved popcorn 


Trying to fry us,

cook us, slowly


Death that is slow,

torture of the soul 



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Are these energy weapons that

Are these energy weapons that torture the soul internet technologies such as social media? Those sure do seem to have the power to damage one emotionally, perhaps irreconcibly in some cases. Or do you speak more literally of direct energy weapons? Those that could, can, and yes, at least in some cases, are cooking bodies, if not the soul. We, as a public, seem largely unaware of what is already in use, against civilians not much different than ourselves. We are asleep in the passenger seat, or perhaps just overwhelmed because there is way too much happening to take in from the scenery. Perhaps, even, a bit of both?

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Microwave energy weapons 

Microwave energy weapons