Trust in the Spirt

Love your enemies,

do not give in to the hate

that is what they want the

most, to feed off your fear

and doubt


Trust in the spirt,

for it is all,

there is no other

but the father


Wolves in sheeps clothing

will come in droves to 

discourage you from what

is most true


Like viruses, their ideologies

and philosophies will attempt to corrupt your point of view


Only through him

can you purge yourself of this corruption

that has taken over your body and mind


The world is the prison of the false

for it was created as mockery of the real,

by him who call's himself "god"


A god of lies, you no longer have to be under

his perverse eye, for the truth will shine through,

and will guide to the spirit of all. 


For there is only one true god

and his love is our own,

for we are all united in his knowledge

as long as we choose to accept it.









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