The Solution to the Anti Life Equation


Love was a concept mankind invented to give

everyday life meaning,


It was not necessary to have these ideas and ideologies

to survive, but survival itself had become empty,

it was not enough, there had to be more?


No longer could man simply exist,

but there had to be a reason for why he existed,


And so many why's were invented: work, money, love,

god, religion, power, pleasure, etc,


All of which were drafted as purposes to the existence that man

had become unsatisfied with


And if man was bored, what was the point of existing in the first place?

perhaps man rejects the simple truth that existence is a mundane affair

that it is not supposed to have a grandiose, and overarching theme?


Our minds have evolved,

but the world we live in has not;

it has not all of a sudden become more interesting

just because we want it to.


There is a disparity between what we wish life was

and what life actually is


This disparity can cause depression, when one begins

to see life as a boring and repetitive affair, lacking the kind

of meaning that would like life to have,


Taking all this into account, how does one

reconcile and solve this equation

that life has presented?


It is solved by taking life for what it is:

at face value; by accepting the mundanity of existence as

a better alternative to death.


If you continue to think life is something deeper

you will only continue to suffer in the long run.







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overarching theme sale

Slightly used hopes and fallacies at rock bottom rates. Supply unlimited. :D



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I tried religion, I was

I tried religion, I was dissapointed and depressed. I tried love, I was dissapointed and depressed. I tried power, I was dissapointed and depressed. I sold away all my meanings, because I realized they all cause unecessary suffering and mental illness. You can be happy and be a nihillst. By realizing the simple truth that existence is existence and there is nothing else.