Lost Fire


I used to be full of rage,

I found meaning and power

in the fire that I could breathe

out of my mouth


But now I have nothing to burn,

nothing to be angry about


now my star has collasped and is slowly

degenerating into nothing


Staring into the black infinity

I see nothing to look forward



I am a wound,

and am slowly expanding each and every day

infecting myself and those who are around me



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Another Note From Purgatory

Whatever walls work wins - We all infect others with our diseases and follies, good ones or awful ones. It is our lot along with all things positive and potentially good. Like that. :D - allets-




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I don't think life is good. I

I don't think life is good. I think its just life and if you try to find something deeper in it your will be dissapointed; you will hit the 4th wall.