Most people whether you know them or not

will not go out of their way to help you or

talk to you, the principle of self interest

is at hand, if you have something they want

they will find it if you give them something

as incentive, for communication to be involved,

there must be some exchange of useful information

that benefits both parties, if one party finds that the

other does not have anything of value then that party

will feel like the other wasted their time,


People are manipulated based off this principle of value,

one individual could falsely project that value in order,

to manipulate another party into getting what they want,

This manipulation does not have to be conscious, the party

could be unaware of this falsely projected value, what matters

is that party wants something, and they don't to have to exert

their mental capacity to aquire something.



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What I want is more important than anyone so work for me because you should and I will be happy having free employees. I know this syndrome. Selfishness is the value. - But not everyone. Fortunately :D



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I wish I wasnt so jaded for

I wish I wasnt so jaded for being only 22 but i am. It's hard not to psychologically profile individuals when you have developed a suspicous mind, when all you see is the bad not the good.