Poem to Jesus

How i long to see you face to face
to look into your loving eyes
to feel your warm embrace
and take a pick in paradise...

Oh, come and visit me
i am waiting for you every day
in person or maybe in a dream
appear to me which ever way...

Dear Jesus i'm desperate for You
I'm waiting for you every day
with my whole heart i love You
You are my only way!..

Eva Rakhuba

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Poem to Jesus


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Poem To Jesus

A very Beautiful Poem. The Lord heard you but don't be in such a hurry, there's something here He want you to do. Ask Him what, then pass the test and The Lord will do the rest. A Lovely poem.

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Poem to Jesus:

Liked your religious poem to Jesus. This must be very close to your heart also: I think we are all waiting to see how the earth respons's to different events

Your expression of your religious views and passion for religion is well described in this poem, may Jesus be with you, Eva Rakhuba.




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Thank you very much

Thank you very much