The Mystical Epiphany

Long lost love...

The thawed earth cracked like brittle glass, beneath midnight footsteps, familiar strangers shattering such peaceful solitude.  You were light years away.  Gray cracked branches grappled like outstretched arms for the glittering March stars just outside the shadows of firelight.  The crescent moon rested gracefully in a beautiful and brilliant arc across a haunted coyote howling landscape like a majestic unfinished painting.  In this immense mercurial silence I thought about you and I, the hurt, the loss, the emptiness and everything in between.  The frigid breath of a spirit hunter painted the blank canvas of the Illinois sky like the flickering remnants of effervescent daylight .  The living night heaved it's regret, purging itself like weightless embers that float like shooting stars above the restless leafless valley below.  She said it's so beautiful, every mesmerizing sound, ghostly sight, and fragrant scent, her longing awakening my soul to a lonesome quiet mystical epiphany.  In the indigo shadows that remain of the waxing and waning night, I await the vermillion dawn, traumatized by this immortal coil, I unravel memories and thoughts, screaming at the decaying flames of the useless fires of the past.  You see, I swam across cerulean oceans blue, only for you, and now I'm drowning in this decrepit defeat.  In flowing golden fields under the half-light of late afternoon, I walk with you even though you are no longer here.  I climb the mountains and hills, slide down these mud soaked cliffs just for you, but you'll never see.  I'm here, I'm there, I'm everywhere, but never who you want me to be.

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