Lower Rock Run

Imprisoned, rustbelt cities entrap

Souls, careless and untrained

My intent is to revere the flowers and streams

To hold sacred these stars that glow luminous

To honor divinity in billowing cool pastel skies

Submerged, my naked fingers

Explore earth, steeped with richness

My dream is to flow like wind  across the prairie

To kneel in jubilation underneath the forest canopy

To seek shelter in the eternal solitude of sappy pine

These eternal truths

These natural laws

Revealed through the simple

Act of observation and silence

Teach us and guide us safely through

The shadowy valley of fear and unknowing

Effortlessly transforming

The first rays of early dawn

Into majestic afternoon sunlight

All this I have learned

By walking a myriad of paths

That led to some transformation

On Lower Rock Run


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