A poem for ( Ladies your name here )


My eyes are not enough to behold the beauty that is you.

You overwelm my senses with everything you do.

You are beautiful, in more ways than I have words to define.

Your radiance only amplified by the beauty of your mind.

I want to know you mind, body, and soul.

A love that I must show, and stand by you untill we're old.

You are beautiful.

Your light shines like a million stars.

Only to hypnotize me and pull me closer to where you are.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

You know I love you girl.

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Star Sanders's picture

Your poem is hot!!! keep doing your thing. Don't let anyone stray you away from it. expression is necessary for life.

HellSpawn's picture

Your lines..

Are tired.

Shaketa Copelin's picture

I feel as though this was written specifically to me. I'm grinning real hard...AKA blushing. Thanks for this beautiful poem!

Kylie Blain's picture

I love this poem! You kno the way to a gurls heart!

Ruth Lovejoy's picture

beautiful piece

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UNheArD CRiES's picture

Just beautiful!!! Funny how I actually imagined you writing this to me :)
~~~Unheard Cries~~~