At a loss for words,

A new sensation flowing,

Stirring deep inside of them,

Nothing is quite the same,

Nothing will ever be the same,

As they abandon the roads they walked,

To converge into one,

As their world's collide,

The past the same,

The future is so bright,

Lover's connect,

Knowing it's right,

Lover's reflect,

Realizing the truth,

The sense of fear,

As they hold each other,

This passionate embrace,

The continued commitment,

To never be left behind again,

Never to fear what lays in their wake,

Time moves with them,

No longer against their will,

They found their something,

Pouring straight out of nothing,

Forever their love will compel each other,

To cause an understanding and reason,

For this second,

This moment,

They gave each other their hearts,

They gave each other their lost half,

They gave each other their broken soul,

Combining into a paradox they never knew,

In this moment,

Nothing ever seemed unreachable,

Everything was theirs,

As they only wanted each other.

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i loved it