Ironically Reality

There are people dying at the hands of others
People fighting the cold to be covered
Millions of children that have no mothers
This is the world
People on the street begging for food
Dying from disease, famine, or neglect
People that have money but won’t give
To those who have none just trying to live
War is seen as protection
But it kills our loved ones
Because of your beliefs
You make people suffer with grief
I disagree with such destruction
And we suffer because of your decisions
People are so selfish
Mean, cruel, despicable, soulless
You can’t turn a blind eye
When you hear the beaten child’s cry
You can’t turn your back
On a wife who has bruses around her neck
You can’t ignore the young girl
Who cries herself to sleep every night
You can’t forget the boy who committed suicide
Because he was being bullied
Women locked up being raped everyday
Millions of children used as slaves
Human trafficking across the United States
But about your life you complain
A twelve year old boy taking care of his young brothers
Because the war killed their mother
The screams of suffering in the world
Could reach a point of finality
If only people would stop thinking of themselves
And take the time to face reality


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The Real Reality

U paint well, prosaically, but well - then say look, you have to see, but you have already shown us many vignettes of reality. Hard real is not hard to spot on earth. Not head in the sand, head unable to grasp it all and remain sane. A few thoughts evoked by your write - peace ~Lady A~