Early Hour Eulogy

Asking for the sky's hand

     I fly under red balloon upward

     Over the wreck of silent city devoured

     Calling home in quiet fascination

Your plastic face melts away

     Under the sleep of moon, walking swiftly

     Around discontented globes in spiral delight

     Making free discourse with sheltered owls

Caught in flash fire these shattered children

     Cry off into the day's night shivvering

     Toss their intelligence into the void

     Left behind in books and rabid cinema

Making life behind crystalized forgotten dreamlands

     Soft yourself into a hazy battlefield

     Demanding a chorus of supple hours you fly

     Under red balloon upward in the morning

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James Douglas's picture

Wow, I just read quite a few of your writings and they where all very pleasurable. You really are amazing writer. I think this one , "Early Hour Eulogy" was my favorite. Much hail to you and your skills in themselves.