A Hearts Rose Petals




The rose of a petal, indescribable in its beauty.

Unbelievable fragility, when holding loves duty. 


Like the graceful rhythm, of a continuous beating heart. 

Sensationally strong, yet easily torn apart. 


Nurtured by nature, of the hand closing the void. 

But the lack of thy nurture, the heart so destroyed . 


In one's life is love, the heart full so sound. 

In another's is loss, a heart painfully endured, so undeniably profound.   


Two switch forth and back, life's changes make inevitably. 

If only he could find his forever, the perfect her his heart would see. 


A short time in his life, true love found in kind. 

Only to discover that love a farce, heartbroken in soul and mind. 


Struggle commenced continues, direction completely unsure. 

Better to be left alone, or can the hearts love again endure. 


Cradled in the shell, he holds the heart close to vest. 

Only the 2 down south, the 5 up north, does he let within his chest. 


Wanting yearning, to feel in love one more time. 

To discover the one, the soulmate, who will last him a lifetime. 


But fear creeps in,  someone anyone never gets close. 

A fear of crushed petals, lost the beautiful rose. 


How to overcome his cumbersomeness, the fear which still resides. 

Is the healing of the Rose, only needing nurturing and time? 


His heart has knew pain, such depth within so real. 

His hearts Solomn desire, love of the soul, all he wishes to feel.  


Albeit maybe in that year of love, a lifetime they would live. 

Loving intensely in every way, with all they had to give.


Some say togetherness can be for a lifetime,  with love truly hid. 

But a short time in true happiness, a lifetime can be lived


So maybe his destiny, or fate is sealed alone.

Never to find love again in this lifetime, like the love he had once known.  


Is it right to stop trying, misery, loneliness, to set in.  

Oh how to give the heart away, without the rose crushed again. 


More questions than answers, as he walks this life alone.  

The deepness of love he has to give, may never again be shown....

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