Two Hearts


Instinctual as it may be, a singular fact remains true. 

The years given to us in this life, is time meant for two. 


Just as we breathe, drink, or even eat. 

The necessity to give and feel love, is the most primal of all our instincts. 


To find the one, in the billions here. 

What are the odds, that one would be so near. 


It's the overdose we all crave, great love of one kind. 

The dose of a soulmates love, unimaginable to the heart, soul, and to the mind. 


Trivial as it may be, after such distance in time.

Fleeting memories of reminders once shared, still cross the heart and mind.  


Feelings still held so deep inside, and in truth they always will. 

You were the only one who could ever, make my heart completely stand still. 


Time heals all wounds, or at least that's what they say. 

This wound I know will never heal, or at least not till my last day. 


Maybe then the memories, and the triggers will be released. 

Maybe, just maybe at that point, my heart will find peace. 


Although you will never see this, or know just how I still feel.  

It was the deepest I have ever loved, the deepest love I could feel. 


Life has moved on for two,  but memories never fade. 

The minds logic gives way to the hearts feelings, silent in the heart, silent they will always stay. 

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