Events which transpire in life, at any time do we really control?

Is it fate or happenstance, when we think we're on a roll.


We rise to the occasion, with the wind at our back. 

 Only to get knocked down, by someone else's attack. 


Attack of the mind, attack of the body, or the especially attack of the heart.

It is those of us who wear our hearts on our sleeves, which will always set us apart. 


What draws us near, to the inevitable fate which we make. 

Heart broken and lonely, knowing it was our own mistake. 


The mistake of giving, our heart so freely. 

Presumptuous in the thought, of loves only meaning. 


We trust without regard, to the to the feelings telling us to stop. It's in those moments,  that the heart beats the mind, to which we feel on the worlds top.  


Is this done in hopes, of finding love abound.

Or is it the hopeless romantic within us, which makes such a resounding sound? 


The answers to this, are still unknown to me.

I've known true love and heartbreak, but a lifelong mate, honesty and trust, may be too much to seek.  


Maybe it is better, I am left to my self alone. 

At least in this way, heartbreak, can not be broken or shown. 


But how to live a life such as this, when the greatest quest is love so true. 

Stop, try again, oh what shall I do? 

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