The end of all endings.


My life all but shattered, and hope all but  gone. 

Lying here without you, and knowing so deep inside my heart and soul, you are definitely the one.


All I ever wanted was for us to be a family, with you me and our three.

But it looks like that will not happen, and I don't know if I have the strength to go on, without you beside me.


The pain makes me numb, This I know for sure. 

But there's nothing in the world to numb the pain in my heart, after you walked out the door. 


Life really has no meaning, without you by my side. 

To live or not to live, I could care less if I die.  


 You loved me In a way, in so many ways, a love so deep which I thought was true.

 I believed with all my heart that we would go to bed every night, holding each other in our arms, saying good night, and saying I love you.  


Everyone thought I was choosing you over my family.

What they couldn't understand is how much I love you all, and how much you lied to me.


I love my children, and your son too.

I wish you could've looked into my heart and see how much I am in love with you.


 I don't know what else to say, except I pray that God will show me his plan.

And that plan will include all of us in honesty, you as my woman, and me as your man. 


The turmoil in my heart, this hurt so deep into my soul. 

And without you here beside me, the sadness has left in such a deep deep hole. 


L my sweet love, you may never see these writings, which I have written above.  081814

But please know this, you will always have the biggest part of my heart, and the deepest of my love. 

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