A Captured Hearts Glow.


A moment in time, the light of perfection. 

The still silent moment, a smiles great reflection. 


The boardwalk it sang, under our feet. 

The chill in the winter, the closeness we'd keep. 


Walking along arm and arm, to which there was no end. 

A flushness of feeling within my heart, of which I knew you'd win. 


The bistro, the lake, the soft moonlight night. 

So beautiful with you in the picture, such a glorious sight. 


The picture taken with light below, soft moonlight overhead. 

Shown the hearts in our two faces, a love that could never end. 121913


The Bistros Bordeaux, to gently start the night. 

The picturesque of your face, such a beautiful, wonderful sight. 


The glow together, which made us as one. 

It's the picture of love, when two hearts have finally won. 


The end to a perfect evening, to snuggle in light together. 

To bathe in each other's sweetness, knowing we'd found, something that could last forever. 

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