The developing heart of Soulmates


The heart is strong, when we are standing alone.

When we don't have the love of another, so our loneliness is never shown. 


The bigger our heart is, the more fragile it is to break.  

Which is why it can be so hard to find the right one for a lifelong love, which we so desperately want to make. 


I sit here alone, with only my thoughts.  

A continuing thought of you, finally finding a love so real, the love I have always sought. 


My heart is feeling loneliness, that I can never remember feeling before.  

It's the loneliness of seeing you go, if only for short while, but soon never anymore.


This pain inside my heart, I can never remember ever having it in my life.

Not even on my darkest days, through all of life's pain and strife.  


This feeling of loneliness, is very deep and sad, but I know why it is here. 

Its due to the love I have for you, and The love you have for me my dear. 


This loneliness will subside, but not until you're back in my arms.

Back to where you've always belonged, so I can love you, keep you safe, and always keep you warm. 


Giving you the warmth from my heart, my body, and most definitely my soul.

And if you're still a little chilly after that, I will wrap you up in that beautiful white throw. 


The point of this poem, is to give you a little glimpse in what you have given to my hearts soft song.

And how I will love you as you love me, as long as this life goes on.  122213


It's hard to explain, feelings so deep, turning them into words. 

But I know you know how much I love you, with every single verse. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

One of the first poems written in late 2013. 

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