The notebook of Soulmates


A movie called the notebook, tells a tale of a love so true.

Through heartache, hurt, and the pain of honesty, they lead each other too. 


So many things that happened, in this tale of her and him.

They truly were soulmates, one body from within.  


He was not wealthy by any means, but a heart so golden true.

She was wealthy but didn't care, as her heart he had consumed.


He went off to war to fight for her, to keep safe all those close to him. 

And during his fighting overseas, her heart was his to win.


Interference from her family, as she was too good for that man. 

If only her parents had known his heart, was stronger than the sand.


Love is strong and can withstand pain, but honesty is key.

Honesty it builds the trust, as everyone can see.


Their honesty and truthfulness, so deep and so bold. 

It kept them together through all the pain, hoping someday each to hold. 


The love that they once had, continued later in life.

It's the one thing the bound them together, until the last sunsetting in their site.


We can all take a page, from that great movie within. 

Trust honesty love and faithfulness, keeps a couple together until the end.  


The two hearts on your last text, they brought emotion to me. 

Explaining the notebook and it's love song, to show you what I see.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

wrote for L 2014

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