The strife of pain

The loss in my life, so much to bear. 

A father, a soulmate, a physical injury to in what care. 


So many events transpired, in such a short time. 

Left reeling with emotion, yet to be defined.   


Overcome and adapt, always the motto from within. 

But so much loss and grief, how to ever again win.  


It's the pain and the sorrow, which drives what's felt and said. 

Not knowing how tomorrow will go, how bad the hurting head. 


How to define, a life so changed. 

A soul so lost, with no control of domain.  


One day at a time, is the best to which can be done. 

A glimpse of hope in the future, may it brighten like the sun.   


To weep, to hurt, to feel such pain. 

Is it better to be emotionless, than to cry in the rain? 

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