A soulmates broken soul


A dash of wind, on a fall winter's eve.

Hearts beating fast, trying to stay at ease. 


So many years had passed by, without seeing your face.

Seeing you so beautiful, I was completely amazed.


Such a drive of long-distance, as we caught up on the past. 

Not knowing how the date would go, would it end or forever last. 


Laughing and happiness, and two bottles of great wine. You reached over and kissed me out of instinct, in natural so kind.


As we drove back to our origin, to the place we call home. 

From that moment being away from you, I felt lost and alone.


So quickly you moved up here, to live and be with me. But your past you wanted to keep to yourself, your past I needed to see.


A year has passed now, and I so desperately understand why.

You wanted to keep your past from me, so much you wanted to hide.


You wanted to hide it from me, not for you to save face. But you hid it to protect our relationship, as your past was ugly and irate.


I didn't care about your past, as all of us have one.

It was your honesty that I so desperately needed, so we didn't come undone.


The more I found out, the more that you lied. 

 Quickly breaking my trust, with the things you tried to hide.


A break up here, A get back together there, caused by your dishonesty to me.

Every time something happened with your past, the past you thought I couldn't see.


My biggest fear you could not see, the fear of being your past as the others before me did. 

I would just become another part of your past, with your truths still be being hid.


A year to the day, our first date we had. 

Developed such a wondrous love, it's loss leaves me hurting and so very very very sad.  


You broke my heart, in more pieces than all the grains of sand on this earth.

I love you more than I've ever loved anyone in my life, and that is why it hurts.


You could never understand that all I required, was your honesty and the truth. 

So every time I tried to confront you, the point would become moot.


That is why on this day, one year ago so long. 

It still hurts my heart and feelings to know, the most special love between two people, is over and gone


We would be in a different situation, we would be happy together in our home. 

If only you would've been honest with me, my trust would never leave you alone.


But now I am just a part of your past, a year out of your life. Not knowing what you say to them, but using me in showing your strife.


You've made yourself the victim, and me bad like your precious men.

But we know the truth in this,  it's a truth that your dishonesty and lies, is what caused this relationship to end 


I love you with everything I have, more than you or I could see.

I just wished I could feel your truth and honesty, and trust you with the heart that is in me.


One year ago today, a love for the ages, started to spread it's wings.

With a love that developed into something phenomenal, a love the whole world could see.


I cannot abide by liars, as untruthfulness is like a thief.

Stealing of the heart and soul, that you promised to nurture and keep.


What breaks my heart, as much as I can see, with the way you have to be.

It breaks my heart that you will never be happy, because honestly cannot come from thee. 


I hope and pray that someday you will look back, on us and understand a hearts  love so true. 

Knowing that the only way to find true love, is being honest with your partner, and with the heart within you. 12122014


Author's Notes/Comments: 

A one year anniversary after the ending of the relationship with a soulmate.