Loves New Beginnings KS

Finding a match, can be so hard to do. 
Too many years of lies and betrayal, only wanting a trustworthy love so true.

Many emails and text, getting to know you these last few days.
As we learn about each other, in such a short time, and in so many wonderful ways.

Time was on our side this day, as we could finally get together.
Veranda blonde and Long conversation with laughter, the day couldn't get any better.

Laughing and smiling, as your foot played with my knee.
It felt so wonderful, so wonderful indeed.;)

We laughed and smiled, it felt so real and new.
As it has been so long since those feelings Arose, I am so glad it happened with you.

The conversation was fluid, and could've continued on through the night.
I felt so comfortable and so much at ease, it was such a beautiful site.

I had to leave abruptly, but I really didn't want to go.
I wanted to stay and spend time with you, as the butterflies in my stomach would show. 

We walked out the door, and I walk you to your car. 
A gentle hug, a soft kiss on your beautiful cheek, I felt like a bright shining star.

Butterflies in my stomach, leaving with a smile on my face.
Hoping to see you again soon, and thinking of our warm embrace.

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