You came into my life,

Not by co-incidence,

Not by a quirk of fate,

But by the Will of God.


You saved me from sinking,

Into a quicksand by giving me,

Your pretty, helpful, precious hand,

And your words: "Bravo Naveed!"


Though we were separated,

For a couple of years,

Yet when we met again,

It was: the Will of God.


O my precious 'poetess' whom,

I cannot reveal to this world,

How much you mean to me,

None can fathom but God alone.


Your letters, your gifts and everything,

Which you kept sending me now and then,

And the memorable audio cassettes, the books,

All of them give a meaning to your loving.


I may write about Daphne but then she's gone,

And it is you and only you I think about now,

You, with your magical, wise suggestions,

Pulled me from the past back into the present.


Your gorgeous smile, your vivacious grin,

Your cheeky and innocence filled laughter,

Work wonders on me and re-energize me,

Oh, but for you, my world would be dim.


Your long letters, filled with love and desire,

Are stored in a treasure chest of my heart,

Your kind, caring and loving deeds,

Will always be with me, never drift apart.


I often see you in the rainbow and smile,

And sometimes in the moonshine, you glow,

Often, in the blue of dawn, you appear,

And more than that you brighten the mile.


Without you, I would not even like to think,

What or how my life would have been,

O prolific 'poetess', your marvels with the pen,

Your poems for me go beyond the soul's brink.


If Sir Gallahad went for The Holy Graille,

I would love to be that Gallahad for you,

If any man who has truly loved a woman,

Let me ascertain that my love is true.


When Cassiopiea the constellation rises,

Along with the Plough in the north,

I feel you are on the throne of Cassiopiea,

And revolving around you are all the stars.


How I miss you each and every moment of my life,

I cannot disclose because it is not possible,

Your love is like blood in my arteries and veins,

My longing for you encompasses the skies.


O my beloved 'poetess' the distance between us,

May be thousands of miles but it does not matter,

What counts is that my heart beats for you,

And my being just shuns off all its fuss.


You are God-sent for me, no one can deny it,

Yes, O 'poetess', of a far, better world,

My being exists with just the hope,

That soon, You will be 'Me', I will be 'You'.


I care not for this world as long as I have you,

Nothing frazzles me when I think about you,

By the Will of The Almighty was our bond made,

The bond of true love and never will it fade.


Let everyone keep guessing as to who you are,

This secret bond of love between you and me is,

Eternally linked to last for now and forever,

So, O 'poetess', let no one know, near or afar.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is dedicated to the 'poetess' who has my heart. Does anything else matter? Who she is no one will, God willing, ever know.....not for a long, long time. She is my beloved 'poetess' and that is what really matters. My friend Shazi wrote in an earlier critique that I replace "grin" with the "giggle". Of course the suggestion is good but then my dear friend, when my dearest 'poetess' grins, the world stops spinning....and that is why the "grin" cannot ever be replaced when I am writing about her. 

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palewingedpoetess's picture

I think you mean God sent not got sent.......

that is unless you are just some weird off the wall poet who likes to throw people off with your out there remarks............. M. oh and that sir is Mistake numero uno winks...........

emmenay's picture


I made the mistake so that I could find out who reads my poems first and foremost. Now the secret is out of the bag. Whatever comments you may pass it is sure that you are the one who reads my poems first and reads them all carefully. Thanks for the critique.

Muhammad Naveed Ahmed.

Pen name:Emmenay.

Yahoo email ID:Ambitious7

Initials: M.N. Ahmed.

palewingedpoetess's picture

sure you did..............

you wrote that so diplomatically....... I was most impressed. you know why type it?