The night is a lone traveller,

It has its stars and moons,

And other cosmic companions,

But no one to talk to.


So similar to my present state,

Famous for my poetry the world over,

Admired by almost one and all,

Fame is mine as destined by Fate.


But like the night, I too sit and wait,

For the hours to go by,

The stars and at times the moon,

Do attract me with a lovely glance,

Yet, on the heart there is a weight.


I who am admired and respected,

Have been abandoned by the ones,

I loved with all my heart, from childhood,

Mother, father, brother, sisters, a lovely girl

(I believed she was meant to be mine),

But father had other plans and we parted,

It is more greivous than all the love stories,

Ever written...I am writing mine...but plodding....

My hands do not support my heart and mind...

Well, she was separated from me,

I have promised a loved one at the moment,

That I won't write about her more.

So, let me not break my word.


Let me sit quietly with the silent night,

And let the universe keep revolving,

The constellations and their mythical heroes,

Along with their mythical heroines,

As given a name by the blind Homer,

Perhaps to be so for centuries.

THe moon too is a cresent which sets soon,

And after it is full it is again a late riser.

I wish I had a loving soul to sit with me,

Share my observations, talk and ask me,

About Cassiopiea, Pericles, Aldebaran,*

The late rising Scorpius having many names:

The "Dragon", The "Scorpion", "The Eagle:

And also, sadly enough, the "Grey Lizard"/


A flask of tea, some biscuits and icy water,

To ward of the hot brisky wave of the hot wind,

Which often howls and hoots on such nights.

And my loved one, sharing my experiences,

Asking me all that she would like to ask,

And me not getting tired at all,

To respond to her curious questions,

As both of us gaze through the telescope,

And refer to the Greek book of myths,

Based on the heroes Homer made of stars.

It is just a wish which I wanted to be fulfilled,

When I was young and youthful and adventurous.

However, as I have said above, while Fate gave fame,

And the admiration of the world to me.

I could not manage to get a loved one,

With a loving gaze in her deep, deep eyes,

And an echoing laughter to lend music,

That can silence the hot and hooting wind,

and cool it down with her melodious voice,

And break the stillness of the floating night.

Am I asking for too much? I do wonder,

Girls and women rave for me and crave.

For an evening out with them.

But I am an old fashioned man,

I cannot say yes to just an evening,

Of drinks, laughter, dance and fun.

It is simply not in my blood.

I need a permanent, caring, loving soul,

Who can make the creation especially night,

Envy me and her and let nothing ever,

Come in between to mar our splendorous time,

When, me and my love, sing and laugh,

Dance, share stories about the moon and stars.

Discuss the Bard, Keats, Emily Bronte,

Omar Khayyam, Rumi, Kahlil Jibran,

Victor Hugo, Charles Dickens, Jane Austen,

And of course Thomas Eliot: the fine poet,

Who I feel, like me, sought all these,

Until he got fed up and gave it up:

And rose up with his wise words:

"This is the way the world will end,

"Not with a bang but with a whimper".


For without a constant loving soul,

Even Eden was not much for Adam,

Let me pause for now and hear the owl,

Another lonely one, who seeks, like me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

*Cassiopiea, Pericles, Aldeberan and Scorpius are constellations that abound in the nothern hemisphere of the globe and sometimes besides even the haze of city lights....when the power goes as it does more than often these days in the land where I am, perhaps much better than many other humans in other places of the world. These contellations have always fascinated me from my childhood days along with my love for literature and history, aesthetic marvels, artistic beauties and above all The God Almighty....I have described that these constellations were made famous by the blind Greek poet Homer who gave Greek heroes and heroines and even demons and other petty things a name of a constellation....he was maybe inspired by The God Almighty to make them (The Greek heroes and heroines, kings, queens, warriors, damsels fair and even demons and devilish animals and clowns. 

This poem is in fact an expression of my most hidden desire....a wish which seemed would be fulfilled more than two decades ago but for my father's own plans and his decision which no one in the family could question. Fate parted me from the only girl I fell in love with at first sight. I have promised a poetess friend here that I won't mention much about her or write about her in my poems. So I have to be silent. This poetess friend is a gem of a woman whose love for me is beyond the description of words. Yet even she is far, far I was inspired to compare my loneliness with the lonely summer night. I hope readers like it.

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I agree with PWP (Melissa)

Dear Naveed,

It is another very nice one but your theme is now turning monotnous and lamenting about elusive women and ex-loves is good to read but you are bringing too much of Saqi and Mehboob of the subcontinental poetry into your poems. Overall it is another one of your classics but we need to read something fresh, away from the same beloved and the mythical and mystical woman. 


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Thank you for the comments my dear friend but I think you were not fully into the poem when you were reading it. Because, I see, that I have not spoken a word about any elusive woman here...none at all. Be just when you write a critique because sadly enough justice and  fairplay are vanishing from this world of ours which is a tragedy in itself. You would not have gone to Wales if you had the right opportunities for you based on merit, justice and fairplay over here. I can bet on that. So just. And do remember that I do not struggle to write my poems....the words come down from the invisible and I am inspired to jot the same down as they come. The poem is a venting of my feelings on a hot and lonely nightmarish summer night. Of all the people who know me I thought you would not be the first to misunderstand the gist of all that I have written in the poem. Anyway, thanks once more, for your 'critique'.

Muhammad Naveed Ahmed.

Pen name:Emmenay.

Yahoo email ID:Ambitious7

Initials: M.N. Ahmed.

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A little bit long and laborous.........

but lovely all the same...........Who's the poetess? Should I be jealous? Looks at emmenay with such wide eyed innocence. I've always suspected you know that you had a thing for one of the poetesses on here. Hmmm, now you just as good as admitted it. My mother warned me about nights like this and poets like you! ( winks) anyway just kidding. I bet you have a stable of poetesses winks on here. Careful now, Sir Poet you are no spring rooster anymore. You must conserve your energy some. Don't want you to topple over from weakness when writing one of these long lumbering pieces do you? Enjoyed the piece thoroughly. I think your poetess is a bit domineering though to forbid you to write about an old love. She likely though just gets tired of reading her man lament on and on about another woman. I think you would feel the same if she went on and on about her love for an old flame from years ago. Is human nature after all. Anyway, nice to see you pulling yourself up from out of that rut. Now go write something jolly! winks. tips hat to you, your fellow poetess ( but not one of the many in your stables lol) Melissa

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Thank you for your critique. You do know everything of what I have written in the poem and you cannot deny that in any way for our association has been for about five years now and I have told you everything about myself. Ah, about the 'poetess' you mention, it makes me smile and smile for you know her too and know her very well. Anyway, thank you for keeping a secret a secret. I appreciate it. I know I am no spring rooster but I have still not lost the power of youth and that is why I have mentioned in the poem about women expecially the 'social elite' class among them loves to hover over me and talk to me about spending some time only with them. Mind you, everrything I have written in the poem is true and not made up....the feelings emanate from inside the heart's chambers and the words come down from the invisible quite naturally. I do not struggle to write a poem or even prose. It happens and that is it. You say that my 'poetess' is lot domineering and yet you said that you did not know her. I am surprised but once more let the secret be a secret for why should this selfish, envious, backbiting and shallow world filled mostly with shallow people with their ankle deep thoughts need to know who the 'poetess' whom I love and admire more than any other woman be talked about? It is my personal matter and I am grateful to you that you have  managed in your own unique and inimitable style to keep it that way. May The God Almighty bless you.

Muhammad Naveed Ahmed.

Pen name:Emmenay.

Yahoo email ID:Ambitious7

Initials: M.N. Ahmed.

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shallow people with their ankle deep thoughts OMG I love it!

I burst out laughing upon reading that wondrous line. You do have a way with words for sure Sir Poet even when you are not writing a poem. I bow giggling before you, most impressed. Am contemplating writing a poem about poor countries. Just wanted that thought to marinate in your own big educated brain as I think you could have a lot to say on such matter yourself. Now, let us not dicker, but I will want your eyes on such poem when it decides to let itself be written. I feel it forming but so far no particular words have exposed themselves to my pen. And that sir, is as nice as I can say that. Oh, and btw, I'm glad you were kinder to my critique than you were to your friend's your reply to his critique was a bit biting, mine you responded to so very sweetly with your tongue in your cheek. I understood every undertone and nuance.

You volley very well, we should play badmitten sometime. Ha! best bullocks and regards, you know who, so why type it.................

P.S. what the devil does bullocks mean anyway? If I misused it shoot me in the foot and call me a dumb cowgirl!................but use a cap gun only okay?