Of all the poets here,

And all the poetesses true,

I thank "Special Two":


Shazi my best friend,

Who tugs at my sad heart's chords,

And gives his comments.


Then comes Melissa,

A poetess -- genuine, rare,

A critical bella.


Thank you O my friends,

For being frank and candid,

I love your work too.


You aren't just poets,

You are a lot more than that,

May The God bless you!

palewingedpoetess's picture

Much much thanks Sir Poet!

you humble me by praising my preschooler attempts at writing.  All I can say is back at ya baby, back at ya!.............I'm sure Shazi would agree. Sincerely, a softly smiling Melissa...........

P.S. and thank you so much for that sweet phone call. That was proof that men can be bigger than their prior hurt feelings.

I was tenderly glad that you moved beyond that darkness.