When Christ came out of the cave,
And touched Mary Magdalene,
She couldn't believe what she saw,
Until the Messiah made her brave.

He was the Comforter so he gently said:
To Mary that he was not dead,
"I have yet to ascend to my Father;
To my God and your Lord God".

From Mary Magdalene did the word spread,
That Christ the Messiah was not yet dead;
Before all this happened he had foretold:
"My sign will the sign of Jonah of old".

For three days in the belly of a fish,
Did Prophet Jonah manage to live,
Likewise lived in the belly of Earth,
Christ did life's breaths cherish.

If anyone doubts the truth told here,
Let that man or woman visit Kashmir,
And learn about "Baz Al Yusuf",
With his footprints engraved quite near.

When Abraham was flung into the fire cauldron,
Who changed it into a blooming garden?
When Moses was apprehensive at the Red Sea,
Who divided it and set the persecuted free?

So how can God the Most Merciful,
Have Christ disgraced and crucified?
The crucifixion did not make him die,
For, he came out from the cave, alive.

Confirming to Mary Magdalene,
In his own words that he wasn't dead,
However, history was distorted by myths,
Through the Romans the falsehood spread.

Believe ye not? Then visit the tomb,
Where rests in peace "Baz Al Yusuf",
His footprints with the soles pierced through,
Prove what Mary Magdalene heard was true.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Whatever has been related in this poem is based upon what I have read in The Bible. For knowing more about "Baz Al Yusuf" whose tomb is in Kashmir, India, anybody can search the facts on Google/Yahoo along with the historical account of the matter. I mean no offence whatsoever to anybody here.

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