Blue morning,
Blue heart, blue feelings,
Depressing black hangover.

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Being poets yourselves both of you amaze me! You fail to ponder on the meaning of blue and grasp the gist of the do have grey matter still left in those huge heads of yours! Read between the lines...a clue from me...OMG!

Muhammad Naveed Ahmed.

Pen name:Emmenay.

Yahoo email ID:Ambitious7

Initials: M.N. Ahmed.

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I must be dumb I've no idea what you are talking about, Do tell me Sir Poet what it is I am suppose to be seeing between those mentioned lines? If you can't then Shazi when you read this you tell me what Hop Along here means cause I sure can't figure it out. I'm just a dumb hillbilly hick, he keeps forgetting that (Sir Poet keeps forgetting that I mean!) come on big bad Mr. Editor man help a dim lass out here would ya? In other words hey Mister can ya spare me a line (for a bit of a better explanation!) grins............ seriously I'm asking though, signed a truly bemused me................

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Love the comments

Melissa you know how to hit the nail on the head. Loved the poem and the comments

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Smiles............ well then,

It sounds like you need to stop drinking and take your anti depressant medication! winks.............. or better yet perhaps a nice big dose of your BRW winks even bigger.................. Hmmm, we never hear about her anymore. Did you give her up for some other comely goddess dujour? grinning like a heathen ........ you know who! why type it?