Morning came and went

Brightening some parts of my life

And deepening the shadows on others.

Mother smiled and looked happy

Because she did not have to worry for money.

My sisters looked carefree

As did my niece and my daughter

As I spent a few moments sharing laughter

With the star-reading prophetic lady

And then with the only one woman

Who loves me with all her heart and soul.

Always there for me and joyous to see me

So much separated by a vast distance

Yet never letting me feel lonely

Such is the magic of her soul's beauty...

My two sons slept a little more than usual

Their batting eyelids telling me

About their travails and adventures

And romantic interludes in la-la land*

As the smiles on their faces revealed.

Afternoon barged in blazing hot

And I have to be content with what I do have

The true love of the mysterious lady

Who has always been there to make me happy.

O my God Almighty!

How much I love her and her ageless virtues

That make others of her kind look less pretty!

The midday sun also casts a smiling glance

At my inward feelings of pure ecstasy

And I know that all nature is overjoyed

At the blessing of the Creator conferred on me

In the form of the mysterious beauty

Who loves to love me and just me only...

The day gets hotter but my being is cool

And very well ventilated

As if a window from Paradise

Has opened for me only.

And I praise my Lord Almighty

Whom I love to call Allah Most High

And my lips, heart, mind and soul

In fact my whole compelling self

Never tires of thanking Him

Aye, the loving Almighty who saved me

After I complained mournfully

After some pegs of whiskey

With friends and their drinking company.

I prayed to my Lord God about why I suffer

Most of the years that I have been here

Never having my full share of true love.

And in the next two days He most mercifully

Bestowed on me this beautiful lady

Who extended her hand when I was whirling

In a swirling storm of angry water

Near a roaring river ...

I was drowning and had no will left

To save my tired self from drowning

In the whirlpool of the stormy abyss...

And then I heard her call me gently:

"Bravo Naveed, come on here, take my hand

And step back on the shore of safety."

That day and this day

There has been no woman who can ever

Even dare of dreaming to compare with her:

My mysteriously loving lady...

May God Almighty bless her always

Even though I know she is blessed already

Yet I cannot help praying for her safety

Nor can I tire of keep on repeating

How immensely I love her frailty

Which can teach about Biblical strength

To those who think they have had the love

Of very loving and beautiful women...

Ha! I laugh at them and their thinking

And their whims of short-sighted fancy!

Because the woman with whom God Himself

Has blessed me most lovingly

Is head and shoulders above them.

She is love personified

And nothing else but love

Spreading and radiating her loveliness

As bestowed on her by the Almighty.

I am proud and prouder

As the moments of each day tick by

Because the one who rescued me

With just one kind word of true love

Her "Bravo Naveed!"

Means more than all of the other women

Put together to fill this century.

Aye, she is beyond doubt my true love

And lovelier is her soulful dalliance

How can anyone compare with her

Or be jealous of her with envy

When God Himself

Decided to make her lovely?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

*LA-LA LAND: Sleepy intoxication.


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heatherburns35's picture

this is one beautiful piece of writing....great...

heatherburns35's picture

this is one beautiful piece of writing....great...

heatherburns35's picture

this is one beautiful piece of writing....great...