Like the Yorkshire haunts

Of Emily Bronte's "Wuthering Heights"

Like the Grimpen Mire of the Baskerville hounds

Like the damp and murky evening of Gray's "Elegy"

My mind remained enclosed in a memory

Of the lovely times spent with Daphne.

But ever since you, O my beloved rare woman

Came into my life and offered your helping arm

Your comforting words and poetic solace

And to top it all your encouraging love

Life started becoming a rainbow for me

A myriad of colours blessed by the Divine One

Who only knows how to bring separated hearts together

After mysterious revolutions in the circles of time.

You are so much to me my loveliest heart-beat

That it is like I have been given the best treat

Which is given to those whose days and evenings

Reminded them once of their heart's deep yearnings.

Yes, O my very own darling

You are how I 'll be happiness defining.

Your love is like a nurturing, healing balm

Which restores in my jagged nerves a calm

And fills me with zest, energy and the will to live

For you wholeheartedly is this new reprieve...

The lands and the oceans, the cosmos and its stretch

Cannot ever dare to disrobe my breath

Which comes first for you and with His blessing

To Whom I feel we owe our everything.

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heatherburns35's picture

Beautifully written....