Blood drops flow

From my wounded heart

And become tears

Tear drops drench

My sleepless eyes

And become words

Words link like beads

From pen to page

And become poems

It is not easy

To weep blood

It is not easy

To commit poetry

When the soul weeps

The heart and mind leak

These tears on pages

Enjoy O world

My blood and tears

Enjoy O poets

My bleeding symphonies.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed and posted on March 12, 2010.

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palewingedpoetess's picture

is not love a poultice for many a bleeding wound
does not a pure heart received
have the healing properties of a warm
welcome sort of afternoon
can not trust and contentment write their own
lines of poetry
that do not damage the vessel that their energies
absorb to pass through
could not the world enjoy the pain of beauty
just as much as the beauty of pain's succession
your pen serves its master well
boldly, steadily and with keen precision
you are as such, a tremendous troubadour
I am here to tell
a man of quite frankly such arresting observation
but I dare suspect
a poet/ man recharged you'd be
if by a superior feeling and or
unforgettable event your heart
was captured, captivated ,encapsulated even
absconded off with
by the freshest sweetest profound love
available to thee
'A Heart's Enchanted Opera'
ere there of
that is the poem of yours one day soon
I will dearly love to read................
you know who! why type it?

heatherburns35's picture

So beautifully written...So true indeed...
I enjoyed this read very much...Matter of
fact I read it several times...Great poem.
a lot of emotion shown...