There is only light all around,

The darkness is within us,

Enveloping us more and more,

Like an unseen shroud,

Once we let go of the Light of God.

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I, sir poet must disagree
deep within us is the light
our soul
which is
God's gift to us
the physical world
all around us is a mixture
of filtered earthly lights
and man made darkening images
we cast, ripple and reflect alternates
many a time
a dark mood on a rotten day
casts out darkness into our surroundings
and for this the ego must take credit
whether we realize it or not
while an easy smile and a twinkling eye
care of always giving soul
can send happy sparks straight to the heart
of another feeling trapped by their own darkness
the mind's ego plays with perceptions
its the soul deep within that must sift
through the rubble and take back the joy
and spread it generously throughout this
too often dimly lit path of physical interaction
so again I must reiterate
our soul's were created from God's light
and we must learn to train that on every darkness
upon this earth we encounter
it is that channel in which God so often
remarkably appears
'Through His Ferries Of Fate'
chartered by we lowly (wo)men
for without God nothing good could be..........
you know who! why type it?