A fire inside me that's still burning.

Embers of a lost love also smouldering,

Don't know why the looming night is wailing,

Can't describe the blackness that's surrounding:

Surrounding me from all the four sides,

Threatening to devour all inside and outside,

Menacingly hovering like a demon and lunging,

To destroy what all I have been saving.

There's nobody who really understands,

The thousand torments that my soul is facing,

Counselling and advice are abounding,

Sympathy and comforting words are lacking.

In this state of drudgery time is passing,

While everything around me is so confusing,

In my search for complete love I am failing,

And agony mocks me when the stars are ascending.

The one who truly loved me has left me pining,

Increasing the aches of what is missing,

And yet I have to keep on going,

As even death makes merry with my living.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Posted on the 20th of January, 2010.

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palewingedpoetess's picture

Hmmm, Just this thought! It takes two to have a misunderstanding and likely on both sides there was hurt enough to share. All roads to real love are as panoramic as they are rocky. Bet you your favorite pen, you never tire of the view along the way! Some days we hurt a little, some days we love a little, some days we laugh a little but every day we learn a lot.
you know who!....... so why type it?