Fighting between brothers,

Battle of words,

Insults, abuses,

Backbiting and slanders,

Lies on the media,

Propaganda, myths,

Falsehood, bigotry,

Ideologies an idea,

I am not angry but hurt,

At the ways of some,

fellowmen and women,

Who enjoy this...unhurt.

Who preaches malice?

Who sows such discord?

Who loves bloodshed

For their avarice?

My eyes and ears pain,

At all this mayhem,

Chaos, destruction,

And loss of some sane.

But the light inside,

Shining in my heart,

Tells me not to despair,

God's Will shall abide;

Satan and his creed,

Can do what they want to,

To wreck this good planet,

Only Truth will succeed.

With this hope within me,

I carry on with full faith,

That falsehood will perish,

And only good will be.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed and posted on the 21st of December, 2009; after foreseeing another battle between Truth and falsehood...and being inspired that falsehood always perishes.

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palewingedpoetess's picture

Bravo again Naveed! We only start feeling those doing such terrible things are winning when we hug too close to the ego identity. Deep down as you said we know none of this can hurt us where it counts ( in our own souls) Those who do foul things they only hurt themselves. Let them play their ignorant games and hide behind masks created to cover their falsehoods. Their hate only hurts their own spiritual evolving. Their sin does not erode our souls only their own, but pray for their souls, pray most sincerely that they see the light before its too late for them and turn away from their foul deeds. What they are, are merely lost men looking for salvation in the wrong places. Eventually there will come a time when they either choose to look beneath the surface of what is being taught to them or done and realize the error of their path or they will be so far down that dark path its far too late in their own minds and hearts to turn back now and shame for all they have done will make them keep their distance from the God of light,love and peace. The Allah/God that you and I know always prevails over all this ugliness and degradation of man. Love and learning ever remain the truth and purpose of each our path. Without those two things we stray or are led astray and that is where the peril to the soul comes into play. In the end only love will matter. Hug and respect this life and in those moments your soul loves God deepest. Oh how I love
it when you shine your own light over these things and show others a different angle to view all that darkness and despair and see it for what it really is
greed, ignorance and the attempt to misguide others.
you know who........... so why type it? ( laughs)