I have changed,

Yes, I have,

Thanks to Allah,

The Lord God of all worlds.

I have changed,

Have stopped worrying,

Or being depressed,

Or dejected,

And have decided to take life,

As it comes,

And doing my bit in my best way,

To make this world a better place,

For my loved ones and all others.

I have changed,

I have disposed of my matters to God,

My most loving Allah,

And care a hoot now,

For what the world describes as worries.

My God has always been there,

With His unconditional love,

Showering His mercy on me,

And forgiving my sins,

And even guiding me onwards,

To a better and grand future,

Offering me His full support,

And protecting me from evil,

Dangers, calamities, disasters,

Hunger, thirst, mischief,

And mischief mongers,

And the haters of His creation,

And believers in Satan and all foul things.

I am thankful, ever grateful,

To my Lord God Allah,

The One and Unique,

The Incomparable and the Unimaginable,

The Perfect Light of all worlds.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed on the 3rd of October...after a pre-dawn walk through the streets of a quiet city.

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palewingedpoetess's picture

Yes,you have. I must concur and blessedly it has all been for the better.

beneath the muck of such a sadness's grip
that great possibility of impossibleness
has finally fell away
and alas allowed the gray
dulled caterpiller
the inner strength needed
to release the butterfly
and free from within the ability
to fully enjoy the beauty of any
given day
a wide cliff of achievement
for certain
born from the grace of an unshadowable
for how could any man walk out in the sunlight
with love
when the shadows harness him always to his
former years of burden and grief
I smile to bear witness
to such miraculous change
before me
in you
that has occured
and welcome this re-lighted you
to step away from all that
baggage of woundless ache
and re emerge as graceful
as before
a warm, intelligent,loving, giving man
minus all that bothersome blue......
you know who.......so why type it! lol

shazi's picture

Dear NAveed, I am so glad to read this beautiful poem, full of peace and hope. You are at peace with YOUR self and The MAKER and SUSTAINER of all life. HE Inshallah will help you like HE has always done. Amin. I was worried sick about you but this poem has made me relaxed. You will win my friend you will. Inshallah