A walk from school to home,

And her talking all the way,

Often interspersed with smiles,

Makes childhood worth remembering.

Her wish to share food with me,

At lunchtime under the tree,

Oblivious to other classmates,

Is like a classic movie.

So sweet and smart she was,

Kindhearted and generous,

Always there to laugh and play,

Daphne; the blithe fairy.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Produced on the 25th of March 2009 in Karachi, Pakistan.

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'Through your memory's prism/prison'
we take charge of the brigade of days
moments circled
moments tapped
moments made
the eye is a keen sorter
of salacious shades
yet in the midday solace of one's spirit
we walk amid a blossom of blades
harmless beauties
many cast themselves to be
begging for some small eye respect
while others would gut you sorely
if at them you cast your disdainful
ire direct
the world balances the human plate
with the cool water of peace
along side the fires of hate
we are what we are
individually and in stagnant congregate
the nirvana hums on
in one's own ability
to keep the most blushing buds
while disposing the of the angry thorns
you know who! why type it?