Heaven drops,

Bit by bit slowly,

Reminders of God's mercy.


And quietude I found,

In an unthinkable place.

Her presence,

Rekindles something,

Something I had forgotten.

Or did I?

Why does she,

And her innocence,

Remind me so of Daphne?

Rain descends,

The way I wanted,

I hope love also blossoms.

We are hearts,

More than anything else,

May our beats acquire rhythm.

And like rain,

And all the fresnness,

May I and my love succeed.

O dear God,

You show paradise,

Please do let love live this time.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Produced in Karachi, Pakistan, on Saturday, 20.12.2008...this is again an extension of what I wrote yesterday...with more optimism in my innermost feelings.

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palewingedpoetess's picture

Who is this lovely she you speak of? A glimmer of a love that might have been? or just wishful thinking of a lonely man? either way, its a beautifully poignant heart wrenching poem. Nothing less would I expect of you your Eminence!
you enjoy it seems stealing the breath from your reader even as you kiss her cheek ever so gently. I like the very idea of this, a poet injured but still able to enchant. How lovely is that? Rest your cheek to my heart and I'll tell you! you know who ........ so why type it?