In green and white

My sweet Daphne

Like eternal Spring

My sweet Daphne.

All I possess

I can give

For a time with her

My sweet Daphne.

All praise is due

To my Lord God

Who blessed me with

My sweet Daphne.

Every breath of mine

Keeps thanking Him

For giving me

My sweet Daphne.

I know that

But for Him

I wouldn't have had

My sweet Daphne.

So O world

Stop me not

From loving Him

And my sweet Daphne.

O my Lord God

Thank you for

Making me feel

Her sweet presence

Her sweet fragrance

On this Friday noon

And for the breeze

Which made me hear

The unseen "Hi"

Of my sweet Daphne.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem, like several others was composed long ago on/for my sweet Daphne.

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palewingedpoetess's picture

the construction of memory is
such a beautiful thing
in us and all around us
reminders everywhere remain
only a truly thankful heart
can speak from such interiors
of deep reverence
it is here where man and poet
and illuminate each difference
while beloved mercy
in all her peaceable strength
stands up for each of us
in her own due time
to sing................
you know who!.......so why type it?