Let me lose myself Naveed,

As I do most nights,

Let me smoke, drink and sing,

Once more till I am no more.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Quatrain composed on the 14th of December, 2008.

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'Finding You'
as I have
cracked hard mysteries
with small tender hands
the work of the near impossible
you have even in not so many
words yourself said
but God can make much
out of nothing that seems there
and through one good Samaritan's poem
he raised up so much beauty from out of
your wounds of despair
so cry for more, naught
for to do so now
would be near that of a heretic's ware
and I have traveled so far
to build with you
this pearl like platform from which
you've grown to care
with but the right nudging s
of my very own personal flair
I have watched you
stubbornly self restore
and such transformation
in the for me
is sheer beauty
beyond any earthly compare............................
(Oct. 12, 2009 312am)
you know who?........so why type it! lol.