Flame-red flowers on the moon,

Cool fountains on the sun,

And you forever in my heart,

Are truths none can fathom.

Thoughts are lustrous silk,

Sheer in their subtle feel,

And my consciousness numbs,

When I in your fragrance reel.

Your jade-like halo glows,

In your golden olive gaze,

And dreams waltz gracefully,

On your lips' ruby haze.

The cosmos' hue is a desire,

A wish en-wrapped in gold-chiffon,

And my craving a satire,

That may set the world on fire.

Always by my side you are,

In tantalizing shimmer's glaze,

Serenity blooms like a star,

Quelling darkness, near and far.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed on Wednesday, July the 2nd, 2008. In memory of Daphne, my first love, the girl who was as beautiful on the outside as she was on the inside. A rare specimen of God's creation she was! May God Almighty bless her wherever she happens to be, Aameen/Amen!

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palewingedpoetess's picture

Utterly tantalizing! I think I could fall in love with this poem. Even though I have a very good idea as to whom you wrote it for. There is no room for jealousy though, as thousand dragons you slayed to capture the essence of such a love and offer it to your readers on the page. That to me, is a beautiful selfless act of love and I can not find even a tatter of fault in that. I find only depth and truth behind such a sadly examined thought, expressed in such a way as to milk much emotion from the latest eye that is currently reading it and in a word that eye today was mine. So, fret not my dear Poet Sir, for I forgive you for such trespass upon my tender heart's tread.
of course you know why type it?
laughs deliciously.