I am busy at work,

When Rita comes,

Smiles at me,

And asks for a lighter.

Then after a while

Stevie comes,

For a cigarette,

And walks off.

Keith also comes,

Asks me how I am doing,

Before requesting me,

To edit his story first.

George also hops along,

Shakes hands with me,

And then very softly,

Asks me for a small loan,

And after taking the dough,

Gets up and says,

"Now I won't disturb you more",

"You appear quite busy."

I pause for a while and get up,

Something deep inside has stirred me,

And I go into the smoking lounge,

Take a deep breath and light a fag,

And draw a deep and soothing puff.

They are all around:

Rita, Stevie, Keith and George,

Busy in chatting and smoking.

But they don't even look at me now,

And I knew it this is how they would be

Life has taught me much about such folks.

After the day is done,

I go to my room,

Take out a picture of Jack,

My long-gone dead pet dog.

Jack never came to me,

Seeking anything.

His love was unconditional

And so was his fidelity

And we enjoyed the company

That God provided to us both.

My animal friend was always happy,

Just to see me

Wagging his tail and hugging my knees

Showing how much he missed me all day...

And I pause again and think,

Asking myself the same question

I keep asking many a time

Questioning the wise during discussions

As to who is the better of God's creations

Jack my pet dog or most called as humans?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed on the morning of June the 28th at the office, in Karachi, Pakistan...inspired by the day's happenings.

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palewingedpoetess's picture

Now you know why I love dogs so much! You knocked this one right out of the ball park baby! Everybody now can fully understand why God gave mankind dogs to love and be loved by. Unconditional love, there is nothing on earth like it.
As I read this poem, I kept thinking of some old silly 80's pop song I don't even recall the artist now but it goes "what a man, what a man, what a mighty fine man!"
I love that deep vein of selfless self that you share with your readers. It makes me smile every time you show your deep, tender nature woven through some very sweet lines.
I find you breathlessly handsome in your words sir every time you reveal this of yourself. sincerely your number one fan of one! winks.......... again you know who...... so why type it? lol.