When it rains,

A flood of memories comes rushing in,

Some sweet, some bittersweet,

Like a conglomeration of colours,

Mixing with the drizzle,

To be re-ingrained with yet another refreshed glow,

In the silent recesses of the mind.

A morning fresh,

With you smiling at me fondly,

In your velvet green gown;

An afternoon,

With you walking down the hillside,

Watching you laughing merrily,

Like a human lark, unfolding your loveliness,

To the environs spread out near and far,

How captivating you are still,

As imagination recreates,

Your love-filled jocundity in full splendour.

An evening,

With you sharing your thoughts with me,

I, your soul's confidante,

The only one permitted,

To share what all you felt,

Your doleful gaze reminding me,

Of a new mesmerising power,

Yet a power which was,

Overflowing with affectionate grandeur,

A gaze which was more intoxicating,

Than all the best wines of the world.

A night,

Ah, what a night!

Your bewitching grace,

And your disarming voice,

Topped up with all the enchantment of a fairytale,

Glowing in your eyes,

Volumes of unspoken messages,

Holding out so many promises,

Of how unforgettable it will be,

What a night!

It rained and rained,

As you and I,

Washed away the sorrows of our souls,

In the healing power of our unfathomable love.

Today I am left alone,

Lonely among so many around,

If only you can see me and my pining for you,

From that faraway place which is now your home,

You will also long to be with me again,

So as to add,

Yet another chapter in our book,

Of unending love...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Posted on February 7,2010.

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palewingedpoetess's picture

a love unending is a love worth sending and a love worth sending is as you very well know, a love most mortals would forfeit three fourth's of their own hearts to attain. A Love as you've personally experienced is an essential to any human's finest hour of well being. The depth of your capability to love and to keep love nearest to your heart no matter how long gone from you it has been, makes the teary eyes smile even as the heart weeps all the while. In such poetry, you make even the pain of longing read as so very beautiful. sighs you know who!..........so why type it?