Come my beloved, come, let’s enjoy,

The time that I can now share with you,

Come and sit here on the windowsill,

And watch how the rain makes time stand still.

Come my love, show me your loveliness,

And the sensuous contours of your face,

Come, let me hold you in fondly and tenderly,

And entwine you in my warm embrace.

Come, let me plant a loving kiss,

Slowly and gently on your rosy lips,

Come, let me caress you with my touch,

And create a rapture of sheer bliss.

Come, let me trace your neckline,

And feel you all over with my hands,

Come, let us glide and dance a waltz

And marvel at how love overflows.

Come, let me slip away your top,

Allow me,in the way I like most,

Subtly, gingerly and in one hushed pull,

Let the guest thank the generous host.

Won’t you let me remove your bra?

Won’t you allow me to take it off?

Don't you like to feel the hidden thrill:

The unbounded joy that becomes your fill?

Come, let me grab you by the waist,

Circle you completely, without haste,

Come, let me anoint your silky skin,

Come, let me not a moment waste.

Come, let me take you in my arms,

And shield you from this hideous world,

Come, let me tuck you in the waiting bed,

And blend in your most intimate charms.

O my woman, my beloved darling,

What is love sans love-making,

Our heart and mind and soul are one,

So why not we two become one whole thing?

The sighs you heave when your lips I touch,

The moans that come from your loving mouth,

The pulsating rhythms of my own soul,

How all this to us both means so much!

This is love, this intimate bond,

That makes you and me belong,

Wholly and solely to our own selves,

Can any other link be ever so strong?

So, come my beloved, my dearest one,

Let us make love as the raindrops hum,

The loveliest song we have ever heard,

Come, come, let us in love, become one.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed sometime back but posted here on June 1, 2008. Modified on August the 5th, 2010.

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and ah so then
my love
shall I tell you about
'The Rain Drop And The Rose'
tis a beautiful, blending tale
I must confess
why even the sun light knows
there was this lovely
alluring pale rose
she sprouted up
one day with out wish
upon a midnight's plane
by fall she withered
in spring she stubbornly grew
again and yet again
her hopeful petals
always cast skyward
so many rain drops
splattered her trusting tips
and stem
but none so glorious
as that one particular one
that hailed so very far
from an eastern wind
that rain drop meant all
though ignorant at first was she
his water was always
there for her need and true
his love lasting far beyond fall
and rose far far above
the lowly splashes of
prior impurity
and so under his careful
she blossomed
one beloved misting at a time
he came, he offered, he tended
and gradually she bloomed
denying all other drops
a space to puddle
beneath her lovely thankful vines
and so then her particular rain drop
until he came
she was never watered so well
just spat on
by previous acid rain
hurrying along on its way
to likely poison
some other
poor unsuspecting flower....................
(Nov. 29, 2010 316am)